Paper, Paste, String & Craft Supplies

Welcome to Natural Craft Supply, a great place to shop for high quality and hard to find craft supplies.

We offer a small collection of completely organic, chemical free products for various crafting uses, along with a fine selection of multi-purpose craft and hobby items.

  • Our Strings and Twines are used for everything from art exhibits to model ship building, clothing, wool bedding, archery, macrame, and rug making.
  • Our Wheat Paste is an outstanding adhesive for archival grade book making, paper mache, hanging wall paper, and general arts and craft use. Non toxic and easy clean up makes it great for kids, too!
  • Our Wax Melters are fully insulated and heated with a unique hot air convection system which provides safe, even heating for candle wax, soap, bees wax, and other materials.
  • Our complete line of Colored Hot Melt Glue Sticks and Glitter Hot Melt Glue Sticks will also open the door to hundreds of really cool art projects and decorating ideas.

We don't sell everything under the sun, but what we do sell is the very best we can find!