Paraffin Wax - Fully Refined R2526 - Slabs, Translucent

FULL SKID: Paraffin Wax - Fully Refined R2526 - Slabs, Translucent: Lead Time 6 - 8 Weeks

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R2526 is a fully refined paraffin wax to be used for Container Fill. This fully refined paraffin wax is available in melting point grades of ASTM D87, 126ºF; Needle Penetration @77º mm/10 is 17. All fully refined paraffin waxes are colorless (+28 minimum) when melted and translucent to white solids at room temperature. It is derived by deoiling paraffin slack wax feedstock. These highly purified white waxes have less than 0.4% oil content. Generally, their various constituents cover a relatively narrow molecular weight range, which means they have “narrow cut fractions.” They have little or no odor, and are suitable for food contact applications. These products are packaged as six ten and a quarter pound slabs to a carton (net weight 62 lbs.).

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