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Wax Slabs 12x20x2

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Paraffin - Blends Wax - Container Blend 1 - Slabs, Creamy

Container Blend 1 a multiple pour specialty wax blend designed for smooth and creamy looking container candles.

- Good consistency and burn characteristics
- Will hold above average amount of fragrance (6-10% is typical)
- Good adhesion to glass containers
- Preheat glass containers for better adhesion

Melt Point (ASTM D87): 124F
Needle Penetration @77F (ASTM D1321): 30 dmm
Color (ASTM D156): +20
Appearance: Opaque; Self Consistency
Working/Pouring Temperature: 160-180F

Product Price
Container Blend 1- 10 lb. Sample $25.95 Add to Cart
Container Blend 1- 60 lb. Carton $137.87 Add to Cart