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Dual Temp. Mini Glue Gun with Stand

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Mini Dual Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun with Stand

Apply glue simply with a squeeze of the trigger. These cool mini hot melt glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral, faux wax seals, and do-it-yourself projects. Also works well with glitter glue sticks. Use high temperature for better bonding to metals, plastics and ceramic. The auxiliary stand helps keep your work area neat and organized.

- Accepts 5/16" diameter mini glue sticks, 4" or 10" lengths
- 20 Watt, 120V heater
- Dual temperature 250 or 380 degrees F

**Keep the gun in an upright position using the stand(s) that are attached or come with the gun.

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Dual Temp, with stand $7.60 Add to Cart